2024 Summer School
2024 Alt Ed Summer School

June 10th - July 26th
Class Time: 8:30 - 11:45am - Support time: 12:15 - 2:30pm
3 Locations

JE Young

Independent Study

(559) 457-3190 (Daily In-Person)

DeWolf High School
DeWolf High

Credit Attainment

(559) 457-2990 (Daily In-Person)

Cambridge High

Credit Attainment

(559) 253-6560 (Daily In-Person)

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Alternative Education
Provides educational options for our District’s at-promise students by providing an opportunity to improve academics through customizing appropriate academic placements and behavioral support.
Fresno Unified School District
Farber Educational Campus

Alternative Education is a path to success for many students. We are focused on designing programs that peak student interest and elevate academic ownership and responsibility. Our Farber Campus will offer all students in Fresno Unified desiring an alternative setting a customized academic learning experience.

Farber Educational Campus includes JE Young Academic Center, Cambridge High, and eLearn Academy.
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